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Models Comments

  • Fernanda Cdzinha wrote:

    Viola Costa is very beautiful! I wanted to have a body like hers!

  • PHOENIX wrote:

    R.I.P. Teganand Godspeed

  • PHOENIX wrote:

    R.I.P. Danielle and Godspeed.

  • Jp wrote:

    Love your look and want to meet you

  • Yogotti wrote:

    Nice sexy I want to fucc that bussi

  • 64885 wrote:


  • m60g wrote:

    Beautiful! Would love to meet in person.

  • _zoddy wrote:

    yes I think I remember hearing that, it has been a long time since I have seen her online.

  • Chuck wrote:

    She is from Malta

  • moretop wrote:

    just the most beautiful

  • Kcdaddy wrote:

    I need you in my life

  • Ladyboy king wrote:

    I love her. I want to eat that ass.

  • reesie87 wrote:

    No words can describe how beautiful she is from her beautiful face to her delicious feet and toes. I'd beg to marry her

  • _zoddy wrote:

    Not sure, have not seen her active in videos for a while. Not all the models that shoot do it forever, or some take breaks, hopefully she will be back again.

  • Scottyboi wrote:

    Where is she now?

  • Dugo wrote:

    I love you Tamara!!

  • Steven wrote:

    Absolutely stunning women.

  • Dugo wrote:

    Tamara Happy New Year!!

  • Dugo wrote:

    Tamara i want suck your cock!!👅👅

  • Dugo wrote:

    Beautiful sexy

  • Cysal14 wrote:

    Love it

  • John wrote:

    I want ed to take her to prom in1999

  • mike wrote:

    you are beautiful!

  • stephenlang wrote:

    I love Denielle

  • Jimi wrote:


  • mnero wrote:

    OMG she is so beautiful and has a wonderful cock!

  • Top6969 wrote:

    I had an encounter in West Hollywood with her. She was truly amazing from head to toe. Despite the fact that this was back 10 years ago, I still remember every single detail.

  • Anest wrote:

    If I could fuck Sprite, I would've done it 10 times already.

  • j’étais pas gay wrote:

    Je le suis maintenant😻

  • Mr Ice wrote:

    She is also known as Samay. https://tsmodelstube.com/models/2002/samay-ladyboy-.html

  • reesie87 wrote:

    I absolutely adore this beautiful woman. I wish she'd come back--haven't seen her in several years.

  • DahKing123 wrote:

    I want to marry her.

  • Someone wrote:

    I love you

  • Billgw31 wrote:

    So sexy and hot!!!!

  • reesie87 wrote:

    There are no words to describe how much I adore this gorgeous woman

  • reesie87 wrote:

    Jasmine is tied with Khloe Kay (IMO) as the 2 most beautiful women on earth. Gorgeous beyond words.

  • hrdcok wrote:

    lovely girl

  • mike wrote:

    she is gorgeous

  • _zoddy wrote:

    Perhaps, but I have not seen her for a while

  • wggrd wrote:

    does she still make porn?

  • JJinFLA wrote:

    By far my favorite model. So hot I can't wait for more videos

  • Jay wrote:

    She is way hotter in person.

  • _zoddy wrote:

    it would be a very long Thai name, they usually do not use these names even outside of the adult industry unless it is something more official

  • Foni18 wrote:

    please what's the full name of Pop

  • davidd wrote:

    love her

  • Bernie33 wrote:

    One of the sexiest and most beautiful, love it such a hot babe

  • Eyesuc1 wrote:

    I would SO LIKE to drain this little hunnie's balls and eat her ass!! I would drink her cum!!! She's beautiful!!!

  • Secret Admirer wrote:

    Wow, Carrie you look stunning and for that I am proud of you

  • _zoddy wrote:

    I did see it kind of why I said amateur tgirl. The different types of names gets confusing at times, it seems from her twitter she might be looking to get more involved than just a CD, though not 100% sure, I updated the profile for now.

  • Nightwing22 wrote:

    Um she's not a tgirl shes a crossdresser if you watch her video you would see that

  • danny wrote:

    I love Her.She's so pretty

  • chuck wrote:

    wish i could meet her some day.she looks really nice.

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